International Marketing

GA-K Overseas offers producers and suppliers the opportunity to combine forces with a highly experienced and trusted partner who can help them get their products into new markets. With our robust international network – including our own offices and affiliated offices located throughout North and South America, Western Europe, and the Far and Middle East – GA-K Overseas is strategically positioned to assist exporters in expanding their business and competing effectively in the global market.

When you join with GA-K Overseas, you get a dedicated sales force, a logistical team and a financial negotiator that not only finds new markets for your products, but mitigates the risks of international trade through our experience, efficiency, and trusted reputation throughout the world.


Shipping & Logistics

GA-K Overseas’ team of experienced shipping and logistics experts work together to find the freight options best suited to your needs and to provide the most competitive shipping rates.

Our in-depth knowledge of raw materials procurement, warehousing, shipping companies, and port authorities means that we can devise the most efficient and economical solutions for both suppliers and customers. We approach every project individually and explore every option to optimize results. Our comprehensive shipping service includes the monitoring of your cargo, both at load and at discharge, which minimizes risk and helps guarantees the safe transport of your goods.


Trade Finance

GA-K Overseas prides itself on delivering trade financing solutions that make it easy for you to do business. We fully understand the inherent financial risks associated with trade, from unstable valuations and changing regulations to political and economic uncertainties. By keeping abreast of the regulatory and economic situations in all of the countries in which we do business, we are able to ensure that each business transaction is financially sound, providing stability in an ever-changing commercial landscape.

GA-K Overseas works closely with banking institutions to negotiate the best terms and leverage our extensive financial network to deliver competitive solutions geared to the individual needs of our customers and suppliers. Our success over the years reflects our dedicated and highly proactive approach to mitigating risk and optimizing financial arrangements for our clientele.