about us

How We Work

No two markets are identical, and each presents its own challenges, from language and cultural barriers to local laws and trade regulations. To proactively deal with these realities, GA-K Overseas maintains offices strategically. This has allowed us to truly understand the markets we operate in, which not only serves to meet the needs of our customers, but also gives our network of suppliers the opportunity to sell their products in a wide diversity of countries. We are constantly looking to expand our international footprint in order to reach even more markets and provide our customers and suppliers with an even greater range of options.

A Business Model Based On Relationships

Successful collaboration is the key to survival in an often-volatile global market. GA-K Overseas has managed not only to survive, but to thrive, in this challenging environment by establishing and nurturing long-lasting and highly productive relationships with both our suppliers and customers. We have done this by paying close attention to every detail of every transaction and dedicating ourselves to ensuring an optimal outcome for all participants. This attention to detail, combined with our deep knowledge of our market and genuine respect for all of our partners, has allowed us to establish a pivotal position in major developing markets across the globe.